Thursday, June 28, 2012

U.S. Politics, Government, Corruption V.S. The People

The only thing worse than the black out of information by mainstream media in this country is the propaganda they produce.

The media has been ripe with stories regarding the ongoing debate about whether photo identification should be used to curb voter fraud.  But...

There is a blackout by the news about the fraud and corruption that appears to be taking place in the Republican Party in 2012 involving possibly every state in the nation.  The only story that has hit the headlines is very brief. It informed the public that a class action lawsuit has been brought against the National GOP, which the party claim is frivolous. No details were provided.

Frivolous means “of no merit”.

If electronic voting equipment has been tampered with in many states, changing the vote to show the loser as the winner, is that frivolous?

If the designed rules for electing delegates are not being followed, is that frivolous?

If those who are elected as delegates are being denied their vote and told they will not be recognized as delegates, is that frivolous?

If there are threats and violent physical assaults on delegates, is that frivolous?

If some state leaders have to hide who their delegates support in order to protect against further violence, is that frivolous?

The reason the Founding Fathers framed our Constitution as democratic Republic was to avert the tyranny of a government working against the people it is to serve, in hopes of averting a bloody civil uprising.  It was to insure fair elections by the people so they could choose who would represent them.  Was that frivolous?

Today, in this nation the media: television, most radio stations, newspapers and news outlets on the internet are controlled by those who want to control the information the people receive.  And by controlling the information the people receive, control the perceptions in the minds of the people.  This way they can control the people.

This is what the government of China does to its people.

We, the citizens, in the United States at this time, do still have the internet that we can use to seek out the truth.  We cannot however, do searches under the heading of a news search from a news page we are on.  We must do it under a simple basic search.  If one searches under a news page, filtering restrictions limit the information available only to that which government approves.

A comparison of what can be found under a “news” page heading search, and through a simple basic search, can help determine what the propaganda is. Perhaps adding the words “the truth about” to your search will provide a new perspective on what you are being told by the mainstream media.

I beseech all who read this blog to do just that.  Right now.  Utilize critical thinking.  Determine for yourselves between real conspiracies and conspiracy theories.

We still have time to unite in a peaceful civil uprising.  The alternative will lead to total disaster not created by nature, but by mankind.   

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