Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's Talk War

The Constitution: Let’s Talk War

Article 1
Section 8
Powers Granted to Congress
Paragraph K

To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water

The words “to declare war” appear only under Powers Granted to Congress.  No other place in the Constitution will you find the power to declare war. 

This is because the framers of the Constitution knew the “great experiment” had to be formed in such a way that there would be a balance of power, with no branch having more power than the other.  To give that power to the office of the President could result in tyranny. History had shown that a single individual (a king), could be swayed by politics of other nations and possible personal gain.

Only after Congress declares war, does the President have the power to decide how the war is to be fought.

It is “we the people” who elect congress.

Therefore, all wars without out declarations of war by congress are unconstitutional and against the law.

A war is a war is a war--- whether called a conflict, liberation, or insurgency suppression.

Why then, has the U.S. warred against other nations since the 1950’s?

The framers never foresaw a time when Congress would be as weak and incompetent as not to stand unified against a President.

Too few of our nation’s citizens know the Constitution.  Too few of our officials elected to Congress have truly studied the Constitution.

Tyranny has been alive and growing over the years.  This nation’s media, controlled by the wealthy elite, who have made much of their fortunes by supporting wars, suppress reporting the carnage to our nation’s people.  For if the masses truly saw the carnage, we would insist the wars be stopped.  Our Congress could end the funding immediately, but only if we the people make our voices heard. 

Marching in protest doesn’t seem to work.  E-mails, phone calls and letters apparently have little impact. The only thing that will work is to vote out those Congresspeople who continue to support the war funding and elect into congress those who have the integrity not to be paid off by the long reach of the Military Industrial Complex.

Once a war is in progress the only way to stop it, is to stop funding it.  And the constitutions states this power also goes to Congress.

Too many people in this country are apathetic, even as their sons and daughters die fighting unconstitutional, illegal wars.  We don’t want to get involved in politics so we don’t vote. 

Because the best way to support our troops is to end the wars they are fighting in. And a first step in solving the economic woes that plague this nation is to end the wars; citizens will need to become more involved in the political process. 

When we find we want change, we will have to register to vote, and then vote. (Of course, we will have to protect against voter fraud.)

We, the citizens of this nation must exercise our right to vote only for those who support an end to these wars and are willing to stop funding them.  

Once this is done, the Military Industrial Complex (those who make money at the cost of people’s lives) will cease to have the power.

The Constitution was designed to give the power to “We the people.”  It is time we reclaim that power.


Know the stance of your congressmen. Some say one thing and vote just the opposite.  A few minutes doing an internet search will reveal their voting record. 

Ask those running for office what his/her stance is on the issues.  Don’t let them beat around the bush,  asked them pointed questions and expect clear answers.

In Oklahoma Tom Coburn has voted against continued support of the wars and the infringement of personal liberties.  John Sullivan has not.