Thursday, June 14, 2012

Can You Spot Propaganda?

It is amazing how many people today watching cable TV, reading newspapers or surfing web  articles believe they know what is going on in the world.  Chances are, most readers aren't getting the real truth.  

Today's mainstream media is fraught with yellow journalism.  Such journalism can be identified by several factors:
  • Headlines worded to sensationalize or scare the reader
  • Deliberate misinformation (lies)
  • Use of images that are either extremely unflattering or very flattering
  • Articles that read like a news story but are actually advertisements to get the reader to buy a specific product, concept or idea.
(Google Edward Bernays to discover just how long this public deception has been going on.)

But how is a reader to determine what is or isn't yellow journalism?  One search for the truth.  Fortunately, today with the internet, this is not a difficult task. (Be sure to do this while the U.S. still provides free access to information. This last sentence was a slant.)

The U.S. political machine has used the news media to shift public sentiment for years; like a game of three card monte. (Remember weapons of mass destruction? And that we invaded Iraq to fight terrorism?)  Our controlling powers are determined to slant information citizens receive so they can control the hearts and minds and have the majority of public opinion on their side.  

And, unfortunately there are many stories that never make it to the public view because the political powers want hide what they are doing.  Those stories don't make the headlines. (Remember how following WWII the majority of the German population swore they were clueless about the truth of the Holocaust?) 

Our politicians and their controllers continue to assure each other the American people are too lazy, and uneducated to do research for themselves.  They insist we rely on being spoon fed information and simply entertained by movies and television. And for many years we have.

If the public knew the truth they might be more than a little upset.

Too see if you can be enlightened try some simple searches like:
  • Truth about-Media, Politics and Mind Control
  • What is the truth about (fill in the subject--maybe try-- war in Panama)
  • Who owns and controls the media?
I was certainly amazed when I started doing this.  Another thing one can do is to search overseas news services and read about the same subject matter and determine how it is presented from a European or East Asian perspective.

I have been appalled by the stories I have seen lately especially when it comes to international conflicts and the current political races.  One might try some searches with the name of a specific political figures and add the words "truth about", or perhaps Egypt, Syria, Iran, Nicaragua again with the words "truth about" or perhaps even more revealing "history of U.S. involvement with".

If a person wants real transparency today don't rely on what you are being told; go to an internet search engine.  Be prepared.  You may feel you just entered the Twilight Zone.

Don't forget to search Edward Bernays--add U.S. public information

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